B2B Telemarketing 

We have years of experience in working with businesses to create successful B2B telemarketing projects – and we have some great success stories to share.

What’s different about our B2B telemarketing?

We do telemarketing (and we’re rather good at it – we have stats, and you can speak to our clients!)

It’s not all about quantity. If you are looking for high quality relevant prospects then a rifle shot

approach is better than a scatter gun approach, especially to reach key decision makers.

  • We expect every project to be successful and give feedback and progress reports at each stage, so there are no surprises.

  • We have tried and tested methodologies for profiling prospects, data research, proposition and message development – then making the calls and engaging prospects meaningfully.

  • We don’t operate a call centre – we don’t have lots of ‘agents’ – we’re small, focused and experienced. Our handpicked telemarketers operate on a flexible model that can scale to meet the client needs.


With every potential client we have a conversation to identify what a successful outcome would look like – If we can’t help we will say so and equally we will use our experience to identify the best approach. You could call this free advice.